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Richard Lucas

Award-winning writer/director, actor, and storyteller 

The Dog Log: An Accidental Memoir of Yapping Yorkies, Quarreling Neighbors, and the Unlikely Friendships that Saved My Life by Richard Lucas hits #1 Best Seller status in a category at Amazon


Author, playwright, and performer

Richard’s comedic memoir, The Dog Log: An Accidental Memoir of Yapping Yorkies, Quarreling Neighbors, and the Unlikely Friendships that Saved My Life, Chicago Review Press, recently hit #1 Best Seller status in its category at Amazon.  

The world premiere of Richard's Waiting for Godotparody, Bono and The Edge Waiting for Godomino'swas nominated Best Comedy at the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival and won the Best Fringe Comedy award, as well as an Encore Producers' Award, and was recently included in's LOS ANGELES THEATRE - THE BEST OF 2017 list. It has enjoyed three runs in Los Angeles, and played in San Francisco, Ventura, Las Vegas, and San Diego.


Stage and screen

When Richard portrayed theoretical physicist Werner Heisenberg in Michael Frayn's Copenhagen, LA SPLASH MAGAZINE said:  "Lucas is masterful as the now powerful yet conflicted mastermind Heisenberg..." Richard's recent TV appearances include twice playing a detective on murder shows on DiscoveryID.

Storytelling & Comedy

Stand up, stories, and nuttiness

Performing comedy for over 13 years, Richard has done tour dates as a stand up comedian and then transitioned into storytelling and solo performance, sometimes delving into absurdism through characters to shake things up. Info about Richard's live comedy album directly below! 


Once "former," now again

As beautifully told in Richard's memoir, The Dog Log, Richard moved to Los Angeles with singer-songwriter dreams that never came true. Years later, with the re-release of his independent album, L.A. Never Dies, he's playing again in cafés and bars around Los Angeles with covers of full albums and originals tossed in. 

Richard's new book:

A comedic memoir about living next to a barking dog...



A frustrated man begins a complaint log to the local Sheriff's Dept. about his despised elderly neighbor's barking Yorkshire Terriers, but when she is hospitalized from a fall and no one comes to check on them, he enters their shocking world and comes out a changed man. Based on true events.

It's an epic journey of just 40 feet...

Richard will be doing reading and signing events all throughout the coming year. Please join the email list via the form at the bottom of this page, follow on social media, and check back to the NEWS and EVENTS page for updates.

Richard's Bio:

Richard Lucas is an award-winning writer, director, and actor whose first book, a comedic memoir about living next to a barking dog called The Dog Log: An Accidental Memoir of Yapping Yorkies, Quarreling Neighbors, and the Unlikely Friendships that Saved My Life, is now available from Chicago Review Press. The book was a years-long true story process which grew out of his live comedy and storytelling performances in Los Angeles, and for which he was called "a modern day Spaulding Gray." It has been featured in Dogster Magazine, and included in its "15 Heartwarming Stories from Around Los Angeles." Foreword Reviews calls The Dog Log a "George Carlin-esque memoir... this is a stylized work that moves beyond the reportage of its log." Library Journal says: "Heartwarming... will appeal to dog owners, the lovelorn, and fans of comic memoirs." calls it "Humorous, cantankerous, philosophical, introspective, and oh so entertaining…" The book is now available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Target, and if you prefer to support independent booksellers, you can find one in your area by typing in your zip code here. It's also popping up a libraries nationwide. You can request your local library to catalog it.

His most recent play, Bono and The Edge Waiting for Godomino’s, a parody of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot and a scathing satire of celebrity culture which he wrote, directed and in which he played Bono, world premiered at The 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival and was a Best Comedy Award nominee. The play also won The Best Fringe Comedy Award as well as the Encore Producers’ Award, and was recently included in's LOS ANGELES THEATRE - THE BEST OF 2017 list. said, “This is not the first parody of Beckett’s 'Waiting For Godot' I’ve ever seen, but it may be the last because I’m not sure it can get any better than this...” The said, “PLATINUM MEDAL ...approaches being the ultimate Fringe offering. Like the legendary shows 'Beyond the Fringe,' 'The Mighty Boosh,' 'Bing Hitler,' Lucas has served up a dish both cerebral and madcap and pulls it off brilliantly… The play has performed three runs in Los Angeles, as well as Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego and Ventura, CA with more to come!

He has also won The Other Network’s COMEDY AWARD for his observations about a local sportscaster‘s penchant for wearing double-breasted suits, a piece which is featured on his comedy album, Resigntown, U.S.A. and Other Stories, available on iTunes.

After spending a brief time as a touring comedian, Lucas has performed in the premier storytelling shows in Los Angeles, including multiple appearances in the L.A. Storytelling Festival. He has also performed two solo shows invited to the Comedy Central Stage which were LA Weekly Recommended Events. He’s a regular guest on comedian Eddie Pepitone’s famous PepTalks podcast. 

This year, he's also penned a female-lead comedy screenplay entitled Community Access with writing partners Brandon Keener and Liz Barnes.

As an actor, he has been featured in TV and film, but also enjoys the stage. He has performed in the John Patrick Shanley plays Danny and the Deep Blue Sea and Beggars in the House of Plenty. Aside from playing Bono in his own play, his favorite role thus far was portraying Nobel Prize winning German theoretical physicist, Werner Heisenberg, in Michael Frayn's Copenhagen at the Attic Theater in Los Angeles. He is also proud to have been part of the world premiere of the award-winning three character play entitled Only the Moon Howls at The 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival, which won an Encore Producers' Award and was nominated for the Unleashed Award for Best Ensemble, as well as playing Frank Harris in the Encore Producers' Award-winning world premiere of The Importance of Being Oscar at The 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival, and to have played Ronnie in the award-winning independent feature film Tahiti. Also, if you look real close, you'll spot him in Anchorman, The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

Richard has never lost his musical roots, which he got from his mother who was a public school music teacher. He still performs regularly around Los Angeles playing original songs as well as covering entire albums acoustically, such as Radiohead's OK Computer and U2's The Joshua Tree. He also enjoys running and is a Masters Swimmer competitive at the national level. He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and spent several years as an English teacher in South Los Angeles. 

His new play:

Bono and The Edge Waiting for Godomino's

Bono orders a pizza delivery to get back in touch with the Common Man in Richard's award-winning satirical play. 

Richard's Comedy Album Available at iTunes

Recorded live at The Comedy Central Stage in Los Angeles.
Includes the Other Network Comedy Award winning "Jim Hill's Double-Breasted Suits."

"Freakin’Great Show! Had me howling... laughing out loud, out loud. ...The stories were just fantastic. ...The story about the bologna was completely hysterical..
- Jimmy Dore - Comic, Radio Host-KPFK, The Young Turks

“Truly awesome. One of the best comedy/storytelling performances I've ever seen. Actually, I can't think of a better one.”
Tim Coyne - The Hollywood Podcast

"...I will never look at Jim Hill the same way again."
Sheila Dolan - The Satellite Sisters Radio Show 

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